Horizon Monoblock Awning

An elegant monobloc awning, engineered using European technology and styling with
high quality Aluminium and Stainless steel components. Suited for commercial and domestic
applications and easily face or soffit mounted. Horizon is simple, robust and looks great!


The Horizon Awning provides complete protection from the elements, extending your
indoor living into the outdoors, year round. Easily operated by gearbox with handle or
automated with the press of a button. When automated, a wind or motion sensor can be
added to retract the awning in windy conditions. An aluminium hood can also be added for
a streamlined look which provides long lasting fabric protection.


Horizon awnings come with an attractive 5 year warranty and have been tested in winds
up to 90km/h with no visible damage


Folding arm awnings are perfect for overhead sun protection, minimising harmful UV rays
and maximising heat reduction

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