Integral Cassette Awning

The classic design of the Integral Cassette awning works well across a range of architectural and design styles. The Integral Cassette is compact in size and renowned for its reliability, thanks to quality components that have long-served the European awning market.


Easy to install and operate, the awning can be retracted when not in use, ensuring the canvas and folding arms are completely concealed and not compromised by the elements. For effective sun protection, ease of use and style – the Integral Cassette is an excellent option for all environments.

A sun & wind or motion sensor can be added to retract the awning in windy conditions.

Docril fabric is designed and manufactured in Spain and known for it's superb quality with an extensive colour palette.  Docril offers an impressive selection of 132 vibrant colours to suit any decor and comes with a 10-year UV warranty.  You can also choose Shadeview mesh with a selection of 25 colours.

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